Tectonic Crypto Price Prediction ....!

The day after, tectonic main-net went live on the Kronos blockchain. After that the token was launched on the VVS Exchange. The exchange also announced that VVS traders would be rewarded with tonic. 

By 29th December, Tonic had stooped to .0000009 dollars that's 900 thousands of a cent. It climbed, but at the very beginning of 2022. When it peaked at .000001 dollars . 

This Came, after Tectonic became the largest lending platform on Kronos with its total supply passing $500 million

Soon after this crypto.com added tonic to its crypto earned platform. Where users can deposit tokens and earn up to 3% per annum

Tonic reached .000001 dollars on 30th January and then settled over the following days, eventually dropping 2.0000009 dollars at the beginning of February. 

Price movements according to cryptolibrarynow, the value of the tonic coin will drop in June, July and August and rise in the remaining months of the year.

The year will close at .0000004043$,The tectonic coin will be bullish in 2023.Rating higher every month it will trade at .0000004281$ in January and close at .00000071173$ in December.

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